Desirability politics and why I’m no longer talking about it (for now)

“….until we are ready to interrogate our so-called ‘preferences’ and ‘tastes’, the modes of media and social environments which inform them, we will remain on the (not-so-)merry-go-round of desirability politics.”

“…attempts at redefining meanings of attractiveness and desirability are constantly over-ridden and at times spear-headed by those who more often than not benefit from the historical benchmarks of ‘pretty privilege’.”

“…the truth is that just as you may lead a horse to water but cannot make it drink, you cannot force others to acknowledge problems where they see and enjoy privilege.”

A personal page. Mostly my thoughts about life, race, gender, and theology. Believer. Millennium baby. Cambridge, UK/ATL. BlackLivesMatter.

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