Christ, colourism, and the contemporary Church

A brief exploration into colourism past and present, and its potential parallels and impact within modern evangelical communities

Colourism in this regard surpasses that which is banally attributed to racially-motivated ‘pretty privilege’ — it continually robs many of socio-economic and political positioning in modern society.

Credit: Zukie T (@zee8851)

Churches should be epicentres of the rejection of pernicious societal trends, but when it comes to possible issues of colourism it appears that the topic is ignored and perhaps even reaffirmed.

If we come to know and accept Christ yet fail to examine our attitudes, ‘preferences’, habits, and beliefs, how can we say that we are truly being transformed and changed?

A personal page. Mostly my thoughts about life, race, gender, and theology. Believer. Millennium baby. Cambridge, UK/ATL. BlackLivesMatter.

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